We offer complex CNC services

CNC - common name for new generation mills (CNC is an abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control). The machine is equipped with a microcomputer, programmed in such a way that CNC can mill exactly the patterns we want. Thus we are able to create the most complicated forms with high precission by cutting materials in 2 or 2,5 dimensions (so called reliefs).

We work with individual customers as well as companies in field of quantity production.

We work on our own material or materials entrusted by our clients.

To realize the order please provide ready to use template (PDF format – in case of 2D patterns) or program (in case of 2,5 D reliefs). You can also ask us to make it for you!

More than just a fair stand

Participation in trade fairs is for the company one of the most powerfull marketing tools. Proper exposition of products or services with the face to face contact with potential customers creates great opportunities for the company . No matter where in the world the fair stands are the best advertisement for the company and succesfully creates its image.

Designing the fair stands

We do realize how important is a good design. Exposition of company's logo , fair stand placement and the quality of materials , all of this matters so much when it comes to how the company is seen by the potential customers. Arla-com has a great team of creative designers who works on the best designing tools on the market. They will design an unique and eye catching fair stand exactly to your needs. Before the realization our customers will get 3d visualization of the stand and after it's approved they can be sure the real stand will be exactly the same as the 3d concept.

Individual fair stands from Poznan

We provide full backup for our customers from the beginning of the realization process until the stand is completely ready for the fairs. We have an eye on the details and we are listening and recognizing client's individual needs and we guarantee a professional advice at any stage of the cooperation.Providing an effective solutions suitable for customer's needs and possibilities is our priority.

Fair stand design and construction it's not only our profession... It's our passion !!!